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Standard C Library Functions                                       fattach(3C)

       fattach - attach a STREAMS- or doors-based file descriptor to an object
       in the file system name space

       #include <stropts.h>

       int fattach(int fildes, const char *path);

       The fattach() function attaches a STREAMS- or doors-based file descrip‐
       tor to an object in the file system name space, effectively associating
       a name with fildes. The fildes argument  must  be  a  valid  open  file
       descriptor representing a STREAMS or doors file. The path argument is a
       path name of an existing object and  the  user  must  have  appropriate
       privileges  or be the owner of the file and have write permissions. All
       subsequent operations on path will operate on the STREAMS or doors file
       until  the  STREAMS or doors file is detached from the node. The fildes
       argument can be attached to more than one path, that is,  a  stream  or
       door can have several names associated with it.

       The  attributes of the named stream or door (see stat(2)), are initial‐
       ized as follows: the permissions, user ID, group ID, and times are  set
       to  those  of  path,  the number of links is set to 1, and the size and
       device identifier are set to those of the streams or doors device asso‐
       ciated  with  fildes. If any attributes of the named stream or door are
       subsequently changed  (for example, chmod(2)), the  attributes  of  the
       underlying object are not affected.

       Upon  successful completion, fattach() returns 0.  Otherwise it returns
       −1 and sets  errno to indicate an error.

       The fattach() function will fail if:

       EACCES          The user is the owner of path but does not  have  write
                       permissions on path or fildes is locked.

       EBADF           The  fildes  argument is not a valid open file descrip‐

       EBUSY           The path argument is currently a mount point or  has  a
                       STREAMS or doors file descriptor attached to it.

       EINVAL          The  path  argument  is  a  file  in a remotely mounted

       EINVAL          The fildes argument does not  represent  a  STREAMS  or
                       doors file.

       ELOOP           Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating

       ENAMETOOLONG    The size of path exceeds {PATH_MAX}, or  the  component
                       of   a  path  name  is  longer  than  {NAME_MAX}  while
                       {_POSIX_NO_TRUNC} is in effect.

       ENOENT          The path argument does not exist.

       ENOTDIR         A component of a path prefix is not a directory.

       EPERM           The effective user ID is not the owner  of  path  or  a
                       user with the appropriate privileges.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()   box;   cw(2.75i)  |cw(2.75i)  lw(2.75i)  |lw(2.75i)  ATTRIBUTE
       TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE _ Interface StabilityCommitted _ MT-LevelMT-Safe
       _ StandardSee standards(5).

       fdetach(1M), chmod(2), mount(2), stat(2), door_create(3C), fdetach(3C),
       isastream(3C), attributes(5), standards(5), streamio(7I)

       STREAMS Programming Guide

SunOS 5.11                        24 Jul 2002                      fattach(3C)
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