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     scp - secure copy (remote file copy program)

     scp [-pqrvBC46] [-F ssh_config] [-S program] [-P port]
          [-c cipher] [-i identity_file] [-o ssh_option]
          [ [user@]host1:]file1 []... [ [user@]host2:]file2

     The scp utility copies files between hosts on a network.  It
     uses ssh(1) for data transfer, and uses the same authentica-
     tion and  provides  the  same  security  as  ssh(1).  Unlike
     rcp(1),  scp  will  ask for passwords or passphrases if they
     are needed for authentication.

     Any file name may contain a host and user  specification  to
     indicate  that  the  file is to be copied to/from that host.
     Copies between two remote hosts are permitted.

     The following options are supported:

                         Forces scp to use IPv4 addresses only.

                         Forces scp to use IPv6 addresses only.

                         Selects batch mode. (Prevents asking for
                         passwords or passphrases.)

     -c cipher
                         Selects the cipher to use for encrypting
                         the   data   transfer.  This  option  is
                         directly passed to ssh(1).

                         Compression enable. Passes the  -C  flag
                         to ssh(1) to enable compression.

     -F ssh_config
                         Specifies an alternative per-user confi-
                         guration file for ssh(1.).

     -i identity_file
                         Selects the file from which the identity
                         (private  key) for RSA authentication is
                         read. This option is directly passed  to

     -o ssh_option
                         The given option is directly  passed  to

                         Preserves  modification  times,   access
                         times, and modes from the original file.

     -P port
                         Specifies the port to connect to on  the
                         remote  host. Notice that this option is
                         written with a capital `P',  because  -p
                         is  already  reserved for preserving the
                         times and modes of the file in rcp(1).

                         Disables the progress meter.

                         Recursively copies entire directories.

     -S program
                         Specifies the name of the program to use
                         for  the  encrypted connection. The pro-
                         gram must understand ssh(1) options.

                         Verbose mode. Causes scp and  ssh(1)  to
                         print  debugging  messages  about  their
                         progress. This is helpful  in  debugging
                         connection,  authentication,  and confi-
                         guration problems.

     The following operands are supported:

     host1, host2,...
                         The name(s) of the host from or to which
                         the file is to be copied.

     file1, file2,...
                         The file(s) to be copied.

Exit Status
     The following exit values are returned:

          Successful completion.

          An error occurred.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

     tab() box; cw(2.75i) |cw(2.75i) lw(2.75i) |lw(2.75i)  ATTRI-
     BUTE  TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE _ Availabilitynetwork/ssh _ Inter-
     face StabilityCommitted

See Also
     rcp(1),  ssh(1),  ssh-add(1),  ssh-agent(1),  ssh-keygen(1),
     sshd(1M), ssh_config(4), attributes(5)

     Generally, use of scp with password or  keyboard-interactive
     authentication   method  and two remote hosts does not work.
     It does work with either the pubkey,  hostbased  or  gssapi-
     keyex  authentication  method. For the pubkey authentication
     method, either private keys not protected by  a  passphrase,
     or  an  explicit  ssh  agent forwarding have to be used. The
     gssapi-keyex   authentication   method    works   with   the
     kerberos_v5  GSS-API  mechanism,  but  only  if  the GSSAPI-
     DelegateCredentials option is enabled.
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