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     Intro, intro  -  introduction  to  Oracle  Developer  Studio
     mathematical library functions

     cc [ flag ... ] file ...  -lsunmath -lm [ library ... ]

     The Oracle Developer Studio math library,  libsunmath,  pro-
     vides  several useful nonstandard mathematical functions and
     routines that support IEEE 754-1985  floating  point  arith-
     metic.  libsunmath  is  provided as a shared object and as a
     static archive. Both forms are located in the compiler  pro-
     ducts area, typically installed under /opt/SUNWspro.

     The header file <sunmath.h> defines types and constants  and
     provides  prototypes  for  the functions in libsunmath. This
     header file is also located in the compiler products area.

     Some functions in libsunmath depend on  functions  in  libm,
     the  Solaris system math library. Therefore, C programs that
     use libsunmath should be linked with  the  compiler  options
     -lsunmath -lm.

     The functions in libsunmath are documented in section 3M  of
     the   compiler   products  man  pages,  typically  found  in
     /opt/developerstudio12.5/man      on       Solaris       and
     /opt/oracle/developerstudio12.5/man on Linux.

     See libm(3LIB) for information about the functions in libm.

See Also
     Intro(3), fenv.h(3HEAD), math.h(3HEAD), libm(3LIB)

     The functions in  libsunmath  that  are  specified  by  IEEE
     754-1985  handle  special cases and exceptions in accordance
     with the standard. The functions in libsunmath that are  not
     specified  by  IEEE 754-1985 handle special cases and excep-
     tions in the spirit of the standard, analogous  to  the  way
     these cases are handled by functions in libm when either the
     -xlibmieee compiler flag  or  the  -xc99  compiler  flag  is
     specified.  Functions whose values are generally not exactly
     representable, such as the scaled trigonometric functions or
     the  financial  functions, deliver results that are accurate
     to within a few units in the last place.  They  may  not  be
     correctly  rounded  according  to  the  prevailing  rounding
     modes, however, and the inexact exception may not be treated
     correctly (i.e., raised or not raised, as appropriate).

     libsunmath contains many functions that were not  previously
     in  libm  but have been added to it as of Solaris 10. There-
     fore, when a program that uses  these  functions  is  linked
     with the options -lsunmath -lm, it will invoke the functions
     in libsunmath rather than those in libm. If the same program
     is  linked  with  -lm  only, it will invoke the functions in
     libm. In some cases,  the  functions  in  libm  may  deliver
     results  that differ slightly (by at most a few units in the
     last place) from the same functions in libsunmath.
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